Are you a runner, cyclist or triathlete? Do you want to take your disicpline to the next level? 

Regardless if you just want to excel at your sport, really want to beat your mates, or if you just want to complete your event, I have a tailored coaching plan for you!

We use Training Peaks as a tool to provide you with your training program as well as to monitor your progress throughout the program. Training peaks is powerful software and helps the coach to periodise the training program to the needs of the athlete. The data from every training session is uploaded and the coach can then analyse the data. 

To get the most out of your training it is recommended that you have a heart rate monitor that has GPS capabilities. If you have a power meter (in the case of cyclists) this data will also be included in your program. 

We offer two levels of coaching for athletes: 


Entry level coaching

  • This program is aimed at recreational athletes who are aiming to finish a specific event (such as their first 70.3, half-marathon or marathon)

  • Recommended duration is 12 weeks depending on the event. 

  • The program is designed to your goals and tailored to your schedule.  

  • The program is updated three times over a 12 week period based on feedback from athlete and changes in any metrics.

  • Limited interaction with the coach at the end of each months training via email, WhatsApp or Zoom. 

  • Free access to weekly strength class aimed at cyclists.

R 500 per month 


Advanced coaching

  • Advanced coaching is for the more competitive or aspirational athlete (such as those preparing for Ironman, Comrades, or multi-day events such as the Cape Epic).

  • Advanced coaching includes the monitoring of training data, training load, and recovery rate  twice a week, with the program updated weekly to accommodate any changes in these measures, or in response to  illness or travel. 

  • Constant monitoring helps to ensure the correct amount of training in order for you to peak at the right time for your event. This also prevents over or under training and reduces your risk of getting injured. 

  • Includes weekly communication with coach.

  • Free access to weekly strength class aimed at cyclists.

R 800 per month (special for MTB partners R1200  per month per team)

I want to know more about becoming a coached athlete.
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